Self-care for the Weary Traveler

Are you stressed out when you step foot into an airport? Does your eye twitch when you have to work with someone on your “list”?  Does the thought of leaving your family, your bed, your pets, or even your plants leave you in angst or anxiety? Have you ever forgotten where you were during a business trip?  


Yeah, I know, me too.


I have witnessed the perils of travel from many angles. I have been a ticket agent, I have issued boarding passes at gates, I have worked in lost baggage, but more recently and for the last 14 years, in fact, I have been a flight attendant. ​

Through keen observation, formal and self education, I have come up with many different topics that I think will make traveling for you much easier.  These topics will apply to anyone who travels for a living. Sample topics will include: 


  • Getting ready for your trip

  • Making your hotel room a sacred space

  • Packing the essential food bag (international and TSA-friendly)

  • Delayed and Delusional — making the best of it in the terminal 

  • Self-Care after a trip, including the “post-trip coma”

  • And many more

I invite you to join me on our journey into a more self-aware, organized, and relaxed way of traveling that will make this unorthodox mode of work more enjoyable and more relaxing and if not just a more bearable experience. 


I will be launching this video series and I’d love to let you know as soon as it's available. Enter your email address below so that I can announce to you when the first video has been published. 

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