About Scott

Because I have had my own challenges with body image, self-acceptance, eating awareness (and more), you will be in good hands. I have dealt with many of the same challenges with which you may be struggling. Therefore, I can relate to you where you are with a sense of empathy and understanding— and usually lots of laughter too.


Through much self-education and taking courses in search of the answer to happiness, I have found that happiness lies within ourselves, ONLY. I have taken many courses and workshops on self-love, forgiveness, and how to become my most authentic self. I decided to start my own practice because as I walked my own journey and spoke with friends and strangers about our “stuff”, I found that many of us shared the same challenges. I noticed that I had some very useful tools to share that I had learned on my path.


I bring those tools, along with nuggets of scientific truths and a compassionate ear to our sessions. I am well-versed in religion, cooking (French Cuisine is my thing), metaphysics, travel, sexuality, and human psychology. You and I will definitely find some common interests. 


I still carry excess weight, myself — but that’s just the point. I only ever wanted to lose weight in order to love myself. So why not start at the finish line and work our way backwards? As long as you are willing to dig in and face your “stuff” and be brutally honest — I can help you uncover that beautiful soul that is inside you. Your inner being, or soul, is just itching to be loved, comforted, and to feel safe and accepted. My role is to join you on your journey to acceptance, love, and self-healing. You will do the work, but I will give you some great tools and will hold space for you to express yourself honestly and openly in a safe environment free of judgment. 


I am happy to share my credentials with you or begin a conversation on what you are looking to change in your life. Contact me and let’s see if it feels right for you!



Body Image

Binge Eating


Mood and Immunity




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